Middle Eastern Drumming with Abu Zouz


Learn the skills and techniques of playing the doumbek.


Starting with basic hand positions for holding and playing the doumbek drum, Abu Zouz will take you through the fundamental practices of playing Middle Eastern rhythms with a sustainable form.


We will primarily cover the rhythms: maqsoum, saidi, masmoudi kabir, masmoudi-salir(baladi), and ayoub and how to spice them up once you get the hang of them.
Additional rhythms will be used in class for practice and foundation building.

You will develop a strong start toward sustainable technique. 

Dancers will benefit from a multilayered understanding of the rhythms that they can apply to their performances.

Students will need to have a drum as there are a limited number of drums to borrow in class.

There will be a small amount of homework between classes and students will receive assistance with practices schedules. 

Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

$18 per 90 minute class


Cash or check made payable to instructor.