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Basic Drumming

for Drum Circles

No drumming experience? No problem!

Join Joe for this fun class in which you will learn the core Arabic and African rhythms needed to participate in or lead a drum circle or to drum for your own enjoyment.

Instructor Joe Sulkowski has drummed at local events, celebrations, and for dancers across the region for decades.


Cost: $20 for 4-week session
(Register and pay in class)

Fitness and Self-Defense

Shihan Mike Ruisi will teach several self-defense techniques including effective street self defense, vital striking, how to strike, and where to strike on the body.
Participants will learn how to use improvised weapons to defend themselves in any situation with items commonly found in a pocketbook or home/office.

They will also learn situational awareness and to be more aware of their surroundings, all while becoming more physically fit.


Cost: $20/class